Show Schedule

Reed Training and Sales attends many local and rated horse shows throughout the season. These shows are subject to change, but information will be updated accordingly.


January 15th-March 24th: HITS Ocala ‘A’

April 5th: CHSA at Stillmeadows
April 13th: CVSJA at Deep Run
April 16-20th: HITS Culpeper

May 10th: CHSA at Stillmeadows
May 18th: CVSJA at Deep Run
May 25th: CVSJA at Deep Run

June 2nd-8th – Upperville
June 13th-15th – PJA Jumper Classic
June 18th-22nd – Swan Lake


July 2nd-6th – HITS Culpeper
July 9th-13th – HITS Culpeper
July 19th – Stillmeadows CHSA
July 20th – CVSJA at Deep Run
July 23rd-27th – HITS Saugerties


August 3rd – CVSJA at Deep Run
August 4th-10th – Pony Finals
August 6th-10th – Lexington National
August 13th-17th – HITS Culpeper
August 20th-24th – HITS Culpeper
August 31st – CVSJA at Deep Run


September 3rd-7th – HITS Saugerties
September 10th-14th – Gold Cup North Salem
September 13th – Stillmeadows CHSA
September 17th-21st – Kentucky YJC
September 21st – CVSJA at Deep Run
September 24th-28th – HITS Culpeper


October 5th – CVSJA at Deep Run
October 9th-12th – NC State Fair
October 26th – CVSJA Mini Prix at Deep Run


November 4th-9th – Duke at Raleigh
November 11th-16th – RMI at Raleigh