At Reed Training and Sales we treat every horse as if they were our own. Whether your horse is green or a seasoned competitor, we can help you bring out the best in them.


All boarding at RTS includes twice daily stall cleaning, high quality hay fed throughout the day and grain fed three times per day. During the winter, blankets are changed as weather dictates. Horses are turned out individually or in pairs, with protective boots and fly masks, as provided by owner. Boarders are provided with space in one of our tack rooms for saddles, bridles, other tack and a tack trunk. Boarders have access to any of our three rings, cross ties, and wash stalls.

School Board

     Allows use of horse in our lesson program
Training Board
     Includes all lessons and training rides 


Many of our horses are available for lease. Leasing provides an opportunity for increased riding time.

Quarter Lease
    Includes 4 lessons and 4 free rides per month
Half Lease
    Includes 6 lessons and 8 free rides per month
Full Lease
   Includes 12 lessons and free rides everyday


Lessons are available on your own horse or one of our school horses.

Ship in Lessons $65.00/lesson
Private Lessons (Half Hour) $55.00/lesson
Group Lessons (1 hour) $50.00/lesson
Pony Private Lessons (10 years and under, first 5 lessons only) $35.00/lessons
*Pre-Paid lessons can receive a 5% discount if paid in advance at the beginning of the month. Lessons must be taken within the month. No carry overs. No exceptions.*
Pony Rides (Saturdays 12-2pm) $10.00

Professional Training Rides

Rides by Sulu or Derek $75.00/ride

Additional Fees

Worming every 6-8 weeks $20.00
Shoes (varies by horse) $180 to $350
Body Clip $100.00
Full Clip $150.00
Blanket Washing $20.00/blanket
Commission on horses bought 10%
Commission on horses sold or leased 15%

Local Shows

(To be eligible for shows, you must take at least 2 lessons per week)

Lease of horse for show $70.00/day
Training at show $50.00/day
Shipping to show $50.00 or $1.25 per mile